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Growing Up Together

It’s so fun to watch the dogs play with each other. Their behavior is so fascinating. When Helo was a small puppy, he used to walk under Sam and Motley (Sam is pretty short). Now he’s too tall to do this, but still manages to go underneath Motley (lifting part of her body when he does). He can’t go under Sammy anymore, but doesn’t mind jumping over her.

I can’t wait to see them play when Helo is fully grown. He’s not going to be able to go under Motley anymore, and it’s going to be hilarious to see he and Sam play together. Sam is the boss, the alpha of the pack. She corrects him when he gets to be too much for her, and he always backs off. But one day he’s going to be so much bigger than Sam, that it makes me wonder if the tables will turn.

A Great Game of Chase

Spent about an hour watching Sammy and Helo playing outside.