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Needing an affordable flea option for my 35lb cattle terrier mixed dog. Any suggestions tumblr?

Nothing too outlandish please.

By outlandish, do you mean nothing expensive? You’ll have to fork out a little it of money for a quality product that works. There’s no getting around that. If you want to risk getting cheap crap that could potentially harm your dog, then that’s completely on you. I will personally never use products like BioSpot or Sentry, and I urge other pet parents to avoid them like the plague. You have to remember that flea and tick medication uses pesticides. If you skimp on the quality of the ingredients, the chemicals could have adverse effects on your pet.

I’ve been using K9 Advantix for 4 years and we’ve never had a flea problem in our heavily wooded, marshland neighborhood. I think I pay about $60 for a 4 month supply. You could also try the Seresto collar, which costs around $60 but protects your dog for up to 8 months. Alternatively, there’s Frontline, Trifexis (which is also a heartworm preventative and will require your dog to be heartworm tested), Comfortis, and Capstar. If your dog already has fleas and has had them for awhile, then it’s likely that you have an infestation. You’ll need to clean your house, and consider flea bombing it. A lot of times, people who don’t keep their dogs up on flea prevention will suddenly put their dog on flea medicine when they have an infestation, but the medicine will only kill the fleas that are on the dog, which means you can still have fleas throughout the house (which is why, if you have an infestation, you will not only need to get your dog on flea medicine, but you will also have to thoroughly clean your house to fully get rid of the fleas). It’s easier to prevent a flea infestation than it is to get rid of one.

Dogs Sharing Public Water

I used to think it was okay for my dogs to share water bowls at the park, and at dog events. They are up to date on their vaccines and take Interceptor once a month for internal parasites, and K9 Advantix for external parasites. I thought… well hey, they are fully protected! My dogs share one big bowl at home. When we go to the bark park, they share a big bowl with all of the dogs at the park. We go to dog events and festivals all of the time where bowls and pools are filled with water for the dogs.

Ever been to a dock dogs competition? Well I’ve learned that there are parasites that Interceptor and Heartguard don’t protect against, that dogs can ingest from drinking water in public places. Coccidia and Giardia are protozoans found in contaminated water and feces. Always be cautious when letting your dog(s) drink from public water bowls and swimming pools.

We had a recent scare with Motley and thought she may have gotten something at a recent dock dogs event we went to. Fortunately, it was not the case, but had she not gotten sick, I would have never learned about these parasites. I thought I would spread the word so that more pet owners could be aware of the potential dangers of public water!

Tick Season


Well, I woke up in the middle of the night and inadvertently stumbled across my first tick of the year.

As a child whose parent has Lyme, this is like my worst nightmare. Well, to be fair, all bugs.

What’s annoying is I can’t even determine where it came from or if it just found its way into the house.

Curse you, Texas!

How do you guys prep for Spring/Summer? And do any of you Find it’s necessary to check the dogs after the dog park?

I don’t know if the ticks are really out and about yet over here in Virginia, or I just haven’t seen any yet. I don’t really do anything to “prepare” for tick season, other than apply K9 Advantix to my dogs. Some people don’t like using any kind of chemicals on their pets, but I’ve always used K9 Advantix and have never had a bad experience with it. I can honestly say that ever since I got my first dog less than two years ago, I have never had any problems with fleas or ticks. I’ve had to pick less than a handful off of Sam over the last year and a half that I’ve had her, and that was when I wasn’t keeping up on the K9 Advantix every month.

I live in a very heavily wooded area with lots of wildlife, so I know the ticks definitely get bad out there. My dad has gotten more ticks on him in this area than my dogs! I’ve had Motley since last August, and Helo since January — I have yet to find a tick on either of them… Even at the dog park, I don’t worry about checking them for any fleas or ticks because K9 Advantix is supposed to repel them. Sam has been going to dog parks since I adopted her, and has never gotten fleas or ticks from other dogs in my experience thus far. Even in our wooded/marshy neighborhood, Sam loves to be in the bushes and has never seemed to bring any bugs inside with her.

If you’re worried about Emma getting Lymes, you can have her vaccinated for it. Sam and Motley have been vaccinated for Lymes disease, but I have yet to get Helo vaccinated. It definitely doesn’t hurt to be on the safe side! Also, K9 Advantix has an improved formula (K9 Advantix II) which kills all life stages of the flea. Most of the retailers around here don’t even sell the original anymore, and instead sell the K9 Advantix II. So far it works just as well as the original K9 Advantix.

Monthly Flea and Tick Prevention

My dogs are very active in the outdoors, and we live in a heavily wooded and swampy area. My neighborhood is nestled on an island along the Chesapeake Bay. It may not seem like an island, but it is surrounded by water, even if some of it is marsh. The wildlife ranges from muskrats and raccoons to deer and foxes, so as you can imagine, the fleas and ticks are abundant. I don’t prefer to use chemicals on my animals, but to prevent infestations on my dogs or in my house, I choose to use a product called K9 Advantix II.

K9 Advantix defends against all life stages of the flea (including the eggs and larvae), ticks, mosquitoes, biting flies, and lice. Not only does this treatment kill upon contact, but it is also designed to repel. As with most topical solutions, you only apply the treatment once a month. I’ve only been using K9 Advantix for about three years, but it is the only product I have ever used on my dogs to protect against fleas and ticks. I have had great success with the use of K9 Advantix and would suggest it to anyone who lives in an area where fleas and ticks can become a huge problem.

If you’re not really worried about ticks or your dog is mostly indoors, I would recommend trying their Advantage II formula. It kills and repels all life stages of the flea and lice, but does not protect against ticks, mosquitoes, or biting flies. I think that both of these treatments are very effective compared to other topical solutions on the market. Not all flea and tick treatments repel the insects like Advantage and K9 Advantix. 

While Advantage is created for both cats and dogs, you never want to use K9 Advantix on a cat (there’s a reason it is “K9” Advantix and not just Advantix). There are compounds in the ingredients of K9 Advantix that cannot be broken down by a cat, and may pose serious health concerns and maybe even death. I don’t know exactly what it can do to your cat, but I’d imagine seizures or death would be the answer. On the contrary, it is possible to use K9 Advantix on a dog if you do have cats in the household.

In order to use K9 Advantix on a dog with cats in the house, you’ll need to keep the dog separated from the cats until the solution dries. Once it dries, they can be allowed to cuddle and share the same space again. I would wait 24 to 48 hours for the treatment to absorb into your dog’s skin before letting him play with the cats. Some people like to apply the solution at night and let it dry while the dog is crated.

Keep in mind that every dog will react differently to different things. Some dogs have side effects after getting their rabies vaccine, while others do not. The same goes for flea and tick treatments. Some dogs may have a bad reaction to one type of medication, while another dog does not. In some cases, Bayer flea and tick products may not be the best choice for your pets. My dogs do perfectly fine on K9 Advantix so I’ll continue to use it and speak highly of it.

One thing to keep in mind is that some pet owners and veterinarians suggest alternating between different topical solutions for the most effectiveness. Fleas and ticks can sometimes become immune to these treatments. When I worked at a pet supply store, I seemed to hear a lot about Frontline losing its effectiveness due to an immunity build up. People who swore by Frontline for years were beginning to complain about their homes becoming overrun by fleas.

At the same time, I’m very aware that some people do not keep up on the routine of reapplying their dog’s flea and tick prevention every month, and wait until after their dogs have become infested with fleas before reapplying it. In most cases, these complaints are from people who expect these treatments to cure their entire house of fleas without understanding that it will only kill and repel fleas that come in contact with the animals who have been treated.

If you have a bad case of fleas, you can’t expect your dog’s flea and tick prevention to kill all of the fleas in your house. There’s a huge chance that fleas have gotten into your carpet, furniture, and clothing and are laying eggs all over the place. If you already have fleas in your house, you’ll need to use other products like carpet powders and sprays that are formulated to kill on contact. Frontline and K9 Advantix are products that are designed to protect your pets. Not your entire house. So once these insects break into the household, it’s a whole different ballgame. 

Cleaning Up After Your Dogs →


It’s my week to take care of the pets, which involves all the normal things like feeding, cleaning litter box, taking for walks. Today, I was out walking the mommy and daddy dogs, which we do so they go poop. Now personally, I don’t believe in cleaning up dog poop. I know, it sounds rude and inconsiderate, etc but animals were made to poop outside, so that’s where the poop stays. Besides, it adds minerals and nutrients to the soil. Unless I’m in someone’s yard and they see the dog poop, I don’t clean it up.

Well, I was walking the dog, and then the one poops, like usual. A man runs out of his house, and I act all surprised and before he can say anything I cut him off “Oh thank you. Do you have any bags? Because I don’t have any.” I actually didn’t. Anyways, he runs inside and comes back out with a plastic bag thenwatches me clean up the poop. I cross the street, throw it in the trash, and it’s no big deal.

Finally, I get home, let the dogs inside and proceed to move the trash bins to the side of the curb, when the same man pulls up in front of our house, gets out and asks if I’m the one with the Shih tzus. I say yes. This man, in my yard, starts flipping out about how I didn’t clean up the poop when he watched me do it. So I tell him that I did. He says I left it, and goes on to rant and rave about how he spends so much money on landscaping (he’s one of those rich uppity folks a few blocks over) and how it’s not acceptable for me to ‘do what I’m doing’.

Whatever. I’m just concerned now because he knows where I live. That’s fucking creepy as hell, to drive around the neighborhood to confront a sixteen year old girl about dog poop that she cleaned up. People these days.

This was an entertaining story, but I can’t say that I agree with the author’s choice not to pick up after their dogs. I have four dogs to clean up after. It’s a part of being a responsible dog owner. Fecal matter can contain all sorts of bacteria and parasites (E. Coli, tapeworm, roundworm, etc.), which can be very unhealthy for the environment. Feces can be washed into storm drains, which sometimes flow directly to ponds and streams. This can be very bad for the ecosystem, and host a bunch of problems with water quality. 

If you leave contaminated poop lying somewhere in the grass, another puppy could come along and contract a fatal virus like parvo. Plus, no one likes to go for a walk in the grass and step in crap… It’s plain rude to leave poop lying around for other people to walk through. I can understand if you don’t pick up in your own yard, but it should be done when you are not on your property. I believe it’s the law, in some places, where you can actually be fined for not picking up after your dog.

One day I was walking Sammy to the beach near my house and I forgot to bring any bags with me. She decided to pop a squat right in the middle of someone’s driveway and I had NOTHING to clean it up with! I felt so bad. I ran back home to get a bag and ended up driving my Jeep back to the person’s house to clean up the crap in their driveway. I don’t think anyone was home, but my conscience wouldn’t let me leave it. I guess the thought of someone getting home after a busy day at work and stepping in poop while getting out of their vehicle… Well… You get the idea. 

It’s also illegal to deface another person’s property, and the homeowners could press charges if they really wanted to. But for me, the main reason why I clean up after my dogs is because even if your dog is healthy and up to date on shots, old feces lying around can attract parasites that weren’t there before, and another animal could come along and step in it, therefore getting these parasites on their feet.

Later, when the animal cleans it’s feet, it ends up ingesting these parasites, which in turn can harm the animal severely. Some worms can cause nausea, weakness, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, diarrhea, severe weightloss, an inadequate absorption of nutrients, fever, cysts, allergic reactions, bacterial infections, seizures… Could you live with yourself if a puppy died because you were too lazy to clean up after your animals?

(Source: endtablecomments)