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Playing a game of fetch at the dog park.

Over Crowded Dog Parks and Humping

Today I took Sam and Helo to a dog park we’d never been to before for a husky get together (funny, I don’t actually have any huskies and have no intent on getting one, yet I joined the group haha). The initial location for the event ended up being changed because the park was so compacted with dogs that fights were just waiting to break out (one person from the group actually said she witnessed four fights in the first ten minutes of arriving at the park), so we went to a different park hoping it would be less crowded and safer. I feel like dog fights are more likely to occur in over crowded dog parks because there’s a lot of stress and tension between the dogs. The dogs have nowhere to go, so they’re essentially forced to interact with other dogs.

Turns out, the other park was pretty crowded too with at least 15-20 dogs (or more), but at least it was a larger park so there was actually room for the dogs to move around and find a quiet place if they felt they needed to. I don’t like my dogs to ever feel crowded or confined. The park doesn’t require registration so anyone can go into the park with their dog. There were a lot of intact male dogs, which always makes me nervous. At my park, it has never ended well with multiple intact males together. We haven’t had any nasty fights, but dogs have had to be separated or removed from the park to prevent any terrible incidents.

Needless to say, there was a lot of humping going on in the park. I don’t know about other people’s dogs, but neither of my dogs will tolerate another dog humping them. Helo doesn’t like it, and Sam especially doesn’t like it. She will whip around and nip a dog for humping (or even preparing to hump) in a split second, and I’m always afraid that the other dog might retaliate. Sam is not very big. She only weighs 30lbs and most of the dogs that have tried to hump her are well over 50lbs and could easily outmatch her if they really wanted to do any damage.

My point is, humping can lead to dog fights and I don’t think people should allow it to happen. At my normal park, everyone is pretty good about quickly stopping the behavior (sometimes before it even begins, if you know the signs well enough), but it can be difficult to keep track in over crowded dog parks like the ones we visited today. There were a few dogs that were mounting and going at it for several minutes with no owner stepping in to stop the behavior. Thankfully the dogs who were being humped didn’t seem to mind, but I’m glad that none of those dogs tried to hump Sam. Thankfully her new suitor, Loki, kept a watchful eye on her, LOL! ;)

That dog cracks me up. I love him! He followed Sammy around the park the entire time, and didn’t even care about the other dogs in the park. He only had eyes for Sammy (I can’t say that the feeling is mutual, but it’s hysterical watching Loki trying to court Sammy because he can actually be kind of gentlemanly about it). It is the funniest thing ever!

Yes… I realize I just anthropomorphized the relationship between Sam and Loki, but don’t hate. It’s comical!

And on a side note…

Helo handled himself amazingly at the dog park today. Not only was this a new park that we had never been to, with dogs that we’ve never met… but it was also busy and over crowded. I would have expected him to be a little nervous and not sure what to do with himself, as he sometimes gets, but he got out there and actually interacted with other dogs and left Sam alone! It was fantastic! I’m glad he stayed out of trouble and found some nice dogs to play with. He was off doing his own thing that I didn’t even get any pictures of him at the park!

Yay, we finally get to go to the dog park!

My dogs are going nuts. I took Sam herding yesterday and she was so hyped up and full of energy that she was actually biting the livestock this time. She tackled one of the goats and sent it tumbling and crying out. I was a little frustrated because I don’t want the goats to get hurt. I’m wondering if it was a bad idea to bring her after she’s been cooped up for an entire month!

Anyway, I finally get to go to the dog park and I know the dogs are pretty excited. This will be out first visit since the renovations so I’m eager to check it out. I’ll hopefully get some good pictures to share once I get the opportunity to off load them to the computer. I just haven’t had the time to work on pictures lately since I’m always so tired after work and on my days off!

The new dog park looks amazing!

I didn’t get to go to the park this past Monday but I plan on going this upcoming Monday and I can’t wait! I love the new powder coated fencing. And it’s much taller than the old wooden fence we used to have.

Took the dogs to the park today.

We haven’t been in awhile and I figured we better at least stop by and take some pictures since the park is closing tomorrow for renovations. They are going to remove the playground to another location and rebuild the dog park with taller powder coated chain link fencing instead of the wooden fences with chicken-wire looking panels on the outside. I think we’re all pretty excited to see the improvements. The park reopens on October 21st, just in time for the Poochapalooza Halloween event!

This really awesome thing just happened!

Apparently Dutch (wiggle-weasel on Tumblr) and his mom live literally 25-30 minutes away from me! How cool is that!? She posted a picture of one of Dutch’s girlfriends from the dog park, and it’s actually a dog that I know as well! I only recently started following Dutch’s blog and it’s totally ironic how he and his owner live so close to me. Now I’m determined to meet him and take pictures of him because he’s just so darn cute and I have a “thing” for chocolatey brown dogs!

Helo’s New Crate

Helo hasn’t been able to escape his new crate, hurray! I think it might be because I secured the corners with industrial zip ties… But hey, whatever works to keep that crazy dog in his crate! I couldn’t believe he broke out, and I mean literally, broke out of his crate. He hated his crate as a puppy, but I think that’s normal for puppies. He has since adapted to his crate and has never tried to get out of it before… Until recently!

I’m not sure what triggered him to break out of his crate, but if I had to guess, it would be the lack of exercise lately. We’ve been going to the beach, but I don’t think the dogs have been to the dog park at all this year. I didn’t register them for the park back in February when they got their annual vaccines. Normally I do it at the same time that I register them with the city since Parks & Recreation is around the corner from the treasurer’s office, but I didn’t do that this year.

The dogs at the park!