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Tick Season


Well, I woke up in the middle of the night and inadvertently stumbled across my first tick of the year.

As a child whose parent has Lyme, this is like my worst nightmare. Well, to be fair, all bugs.

What’s annoying is I can’t even determine where it came from or if it just found its way into the house.

Curse you, Texas!

How do you guys prep for Spring/Summer? And do any of you Find it’s necessary to check the dogs after the dog park?

I don’t know if the ticks are really out and about yet over here in Virginia, or I just haven’t seen any yet. I don’t really do anything to “prepare” for tick season, other than apply K9 Advantix to my dogs. Some people don’t like using any kind of chemicals on their pets, but I’ve always used K9 Advantix and have never had a bad experience with it. I can honestly say that ever since I got my first dog less than two years ago, I have never had any problems with fleas or ticks. I’ve had to pick less than a handful off of Sam over the last year and a half that I’ve had her, and that was when I wasn’t keeping up on the K9 Advantix every month.

I live in a very heavily wooded area with lots of wildlife, so I know the ticks definitely get bad out there. My dad has gotten more ticks on him in this area than my dogs! I’ve had Motley since last August, and Helo since January — I have yet to find a tick on either of them… Even at the dog park, I don’t worry about checking them for any fleas or ticks because K9 Advantix is supposed to repel them. Sam has been going to dog parks since I adopted her, and has never gotten fleas or ticks from other dogs in my experience thus far. Even in our wooded/marshy neighborhood, Sam loves to be in the bushes and has never seemed to bring any bugs inside with her.

If you’re worried about Emma getting Lymes, you can have her vaccinated for it. Sam and Motley have been vaccinated for Lymes disease, but I have yet to get Helo vaccinated. It definitely doesn’t hurt to be on the safe side! Also, K9 Advantix has an improved formula (K9 Advantix II) which kills all life stages of the flea. Most of the retailers around here don’t even sell the original anymore, and instead sell the K9 Advantix II. So far it works just as well as the original K9 Advantix.

clockworksandcoldsteel asked: Quick question, what's the deal with vaccines before walking the dog around the neighborhood? I'm legitimately just curious, I take my puppy for walks down the street already and I think she'd go crazy if I didn't!

You don’t want to let your puppy walk anywhere outside until after she’s had two sets of puppy vaccines (DHPP). If you don’t have at least one booster (the shots are distributed in a series) then she is susceptible of catching viruses such as parvo. Parvovirus is very painful and difficult to treat once the puppy contracts it. It’s always better to be safe and wait until she’s had at least two sets of DHPP before taking her places and setting her on the ground. Parvo is a very, very tough virus.

If you’re worried about her being restless and driving you insane with all of her energy, then try playing some games with her in the house or in the yard to tire her out. If you take her anywhere, you should hold her. It’s important not to set her on the ground because parvovirus can last in the environment for up to seven months! From what I’ve heard, parvo usually kills its victims. I read that Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, and Labradors are at an increased risk for parvo.

Right now I am raising my first puppy ever, and I’ve learned a lot over the years with my other two young adult dogs and also from working at a pet supply store and volunteering at a no-kill dog shelter. It’s tough not being able to take Helo out on walks, but fortunately he plays with my other two dogs and that wears him out pretty good so I haven’t really had a problem with him being too hyper. Sometimes in the house I’ll keep him on a leash with me and he just lays down at my feet and sleeps or plays with one of his toys. You can also use treat dispensing toys like the Kong to make your puppy mentally exhausted. It’s also a good way to keep her busy for awhile.

Response to Emmabean:

Yeah, I’ve heard that, too. I’m not exactly sure what is more accurate. I know it’s very difficult to kill. So I’m guessing it can stay in the area between 1-7 months, but lasts longer than that if the area continues to become infected when new puppies get parvo and come in contact with the area. It seems like an easily repeatable cycle, so you can never really be sure what areas are not infected. I read that in order to treat parvo in your house, you practically have to bleach everything, which can be horrible for your carpet, furniture, and you’d have to kill grass!