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Just got an $80 crate for $25 at Goodwill!

My dad was at Goodwill the other day and saw a black wire dog crate and decided to pick it up for me, since I still needed a larger crate for Bae. When he said he got me a crate, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was thinking he probably got a large plastic crate or a rusty wire cage. I was really surprised to find out it was a black wire crate in great condition!!! It’s a double door 36” Midwest iCrate (exactly the brand I use for Sam and Helo)! Yay!!!


Bruce broke his bowl, because he’s a dick and chews on things on the top of his kennel. He pulled on the towel and his bowl fell off, and since it was ceramic it shattered. Not even 10 am and the day already sucks. At least we have an extra one he can use, even though it’s beat up as hell.

Aww don’t be so negative about it! I highly doubt Bruce broke the bowl on purpose. It’s always safe to suggest NEVER leaving anything on top of a crate because the dogs WILL get bored and try to get to it. I can’t leave any clothes or towels near the crates or Sammy will drag them into her crate and lay on them (I can’t leave beds and blankets in her crate because she always destroys them). If I leave any bags or paper near Helo’s crate, he’ll drag them into his crate and chew them into tiny little pieces so I have to then climb into his crate and clean up all the little pieces! I get annoyed, but I can’t blame the dogs since I know better than to leave stuff lying on or near their crates.

Helo’s New Crate

Helo hasn’t been able to escape his new crate, hurray! I think it might be because I secured the corners with industrial zip ties… But hey, whatever works to keep that crazy dog in his crate! I couldn’t believe he broke out, and I mean literally, broke out of his crate. He hated his crate as a puppy, but I think that’s normal for puppies. He has since adapted to his crate and has never tried to get out of it before… Until recently!

I’m not sure what triggered him to break out of his crate, but if I had to guess, it would be the lack of exercise lately. We’ve been going to the beach, but I don’t think the dogs have been to the dog park at all this year. I didn’t register them for the park back in February when they got their annual vaccines. Normally I do it at the same time that I register them with the city since Parks & Recreation is around the corner from the treasurer’s office, but I didn’t do that this year.

Helo Broke Out of His Crate

I couldn’t believe it when I got home yesterday. He cut his nose and his “brow” while trying to squeeze out of the small opening he’d created. He’s lucky he didn’t injure his eyes!!! There were droplets of dried blood on the floor and on the wall from where he was obviously trying to play with Sammy through her crate.

I applied some Vetericyn to his nose and brow to help it heal. Then on my lunch break today, I went and purchased a new crate and a bunch of new challenging toys to give him sometimes to do when I’m not home. Hopefully they will be enough to preoccupy him. I don’t know what got into him when he decided to bend and squeeze between the two panels of his wire crate but maybe with some new distractions in his crate he won’t try breaking out of the new one.

Crate Training Anya →


I’m working on crate training Anya.  Tonight I’m going to have to leave her while I’m at work from 4-12:30, so I have her in there now with the bedroom door closed and me in the living room.  I’m trying to see how long she goes before she gives up and stops whining… so far it’s been about 15-20 minutes and she has slowed down but is still whining every once in a while.  I need her to get better at this.  She’s doing so well with every other aspect of living here, I just need her to stop whining…

Do you live in a house or an apartment? Either way, if she’s whining there isn’t much you can really do to stop the whining except to ignore her. Eventually she’ll learn that being in a crate isn’t so bad. My German Shorthaired Pointer is very vocal. When he was just several weeks old, he whined relentlessly in his crate. It took weeks of excruciating whining before he finally settled down. Now he eagerly goes into his crate without even being asked to do so.

Some things that might help Anya feel more comfortable in her crate is by covering the crate with a crate cover or a blanket (make sure it’s a blanket you don’t mind getting ruined, sometimes they’ll get a hold of the blanket, pull it into the crate, and chew on it).

You can also provide something for her to chew on. Bully sticks are great, but they’re also fattening so you don’t want to give your dog too many of them in a short period of time. They also don’t last very long. The best chew, in my opinion, is an antler. You can get them cheaper online than in the pet store, and your dog will hardly put a dent in it. They are the only truly long-lasting chew I know of.

Kongs stuffied with goodies are another great option, but they don’t last very long. It helps to provide a variety of things to do, so maybe try all of these options at once to help take Anya’s mind off of being in her crate while you’re away. Be patient with her. She’ll relax in time.

List of Dog Blogs on Tumblr

So I’ve moved my list of dog blogs on Tumblr from a post to a page. Check it out! If you know of any dog blogs that aren’t on the list, please let me know! I’m happy to add any dog blogs I come across. The only rule is that they must be separate from personal blogs - they should contain a majority of posts or pictures of the blogger’s own dog(s).

It’s very time consuming to keep up on the list, so if you find any broken links please let me know so that I can try to fix them. Whenever a blogger changes the URL of their dog blog, I need to know about it in order to keep that blog on the list. Otherwise the links will redirect people to the original URL which is no longer in use. Feel free to share the list on your own blog. It’s fun to find other dog blogs to follow! I’ve organized the list by breed so that people can meet other bloggers with the same kind of dog(s).

Dog Crates are NOT Cruel

Many people seem to have something against dog crates. Sure, I agree that dogs shouldn’t spend their lives locked in cages. However, using a crate doesn’t mean the dog is being locked up inhumanely, or mistreated. As long as the dog isn’t locked in the crate all day, with no interaction, exercise, play, training, or time outside of the crate, it is perfectly okay to crate them. I don’t think it’s cruel at all to crate a dog whenever you leave the house, whether you’ve gone to run some quick errands or had to go to work.

Crating is for the dog’s safety, but it is definitely something that shouldn’t be taken advantage of. Some people put their dogs in crates and just leave them there. This is improper use of a dog crate! Even with well behaved dogs, crating can protect them. My Aussie, for example, is very well mannered. However, she destroyed my cell phone today. She literally picked up off of the coffee table and chewed it to pieces! Something she has never done in the past (she doesn’t even chew her own toys).

Some dogs have been known to get into the trash and eat things that could potentially be harmful to them. As a child, my parent’s had a Rat Terrier who would get on the coffee table when we weren’t home, and she would take Hershey’s kisses out of the candy jar. She would literally lay under the dining room table and unwrap the Hershey kisses. That dog ate so much chocolate, it was a wonder she never got sick!

As an adult now, my household is very dog-proof and I’m extremely strict with the canine rules around here. No jumping on the furniture and no table scraps. But when I’m not home, I know Sammy likes to lay on the couch, Motley likes to drink out of the toilet, and Helo likes to surf the counter tops. Dogs will be dogs. They will follow their noses! I just can’t imagine what my house is like whenever I leave all three unsupervised.

People can try to tell me that I’m a cruel pet owner because I crate my dogs (which I haven’t in a very long time since I work from home). But I’m going to start doing it again soon, especially when I get a new part-time job. I am a supporter of dog crates, if used appropriately, and I’m not afraid to admit it!

Raising a Puppy and Working Full-Time


And I don’t know this bit of information because I am friends with them/interact with them. I know this information based solely on the fact that they leave it alone for hours and hours throughout the day and all it does is bark and howl.

No offence but if you do not know that you cannot leave a puppy unattended for long periods of time, you are not an adequate owner. It should be mandatory for all new dog owners to take puppy classes or something.

I feel bad for the little angel! :(

In reality, people have to work — and in most cases, they work at least 8 hours a day. Just because people work, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a dog. However, I do agree that people should only get a new puppy if they actually have the time to devote to it — someone should be checking in on that puppy several times a day.

Once he gets his second set of puppy shots, he should be taken out as often as possible to be socialized. Leaving a puppy alone all day, every day is not a good way to grow up. The puppy may also be whining because he or she is in a crate. It can take a few weeks for a puppy to get used to being in a crate.

It’s a scary time in life for that little puppy. One day he’s with his mom and his litter mates, and then suddenly they’re all gone and he’s with these strange people. As long as they take care of the puppy, leaving him at home when they’re at work is not cruel. If I could take my dogs everywhere with me, I would do it without a doubt!

I’m really fortunate that this new opportunity came along where I can work from home. If it hadn’t, I would still have to leave my house for 10 hours a day while my dogs (and my new puppy) remained home — and I just don’t think it’s good for a puppy to be isolated for so long at such a young age! Puppies that are 6-7 weeks old have to empty their bladders at least every 2 hours, and puppies that are 8-10 weeks old still need to go out about every 3-4 hours. 

It can be difficult to balance work and life with a new puppy, but people do it every day. I think for anyone who wants to bring a puppy into their busy life, it’s a good idea to consider hiring someone to take him out several times a day when you’re at work. Some people even enroll their dogs in “doggy daycare,” but I’m not really a big fan of such facilities. I’d personally hire a dog walker before I considered putting my dog in with a group of other dogs who I don’t even know are friendly or not. I don’t trust other people to watch over my dogs the way that I do.

If you can’t afford a dog walker every day, try asking friends and family you trust to stop by and spend a little bit of time with your new puppy.

Helo and the Crate

So, as you all should know by now… The crate is Helo’s sworn enemy. He hates his crate! The first week consisted of unrelenting whining — screaming, to be more precise. There seems to be some improvement, though. Yesterday he did exceptionally well in his crate. I’ve decided to put him in his crate a couple of times a day to get him more accustomed to the idea of spending time in his crate. So while I was home, I put him in his crate at random times. Once he’s done throwing a fit, I let him out and praise him. 

Whenever he would start whining, I would firmly tell him, “Quiet!” Each time he would start whimpering, I would say, “ah-ah!” He eventually caught on that I was going to interrupt him every time he wanted to whine. Now whenever I tell him to be quiet, he relaxes a bit. He still doesn’t like being in his crate, but at least he is starting to accept the fact that it’s an inevitable part of his life!

Some other techniques I have tried in order to get him more accustomed to his crate is 1.) put the crate next to the bed at night, 2.) attempt to sleep on the floor next to the crate, 3.) sleep on the couch with the crate next to it. These methods were not as effective as I thought they’d be.

He doesn’t care if you’re sitting right next to him — he wants out! He just simply does not like to be in his crate. I even opened the crate door and sat outside of it (telling him to stay, and moving him back into his previous position every time he tried to get up and walk out). When things don’t go his way, he whines about it. It’s that simple! Not even a teenager yet and he’s already defiant. :) I love him to death.