Beach photos from last week!

I know Ali is going to kill me if I don’t upload the beach photos from last week so I’m finally working on them. I’ve been procrastinating hardcore lately. I’m too excited about my trip to DragonCon to worry about anything else. I haven’t even finished cleaning my house!!! Anyway, look out for the upcoming photos today. My dogs are not going to be happy with me when they find out they are going to be boarding for a week!!! Ugh, it makes me so nervous just thinking about it…

Sam, Motley, Brandi, and Bae playing in the backyard. Helo was up front watching Justin sanitize the new dog crate we got today.

Just got an $80 crate for $25 at Goodwill!

My dad was at Goodwill the other day and saw a black wire dog crate and decided to pick it up for me, since I still needed a larger crate for Bae. When he said he got me a crate, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was thinking he probably got a large plastic crate or a rusty wire cage. I was really surprised to find out it was a black wire crate in great condition!!! It’s a double door 36” Midwest iCrate (exactly the brand I use for Sam and Helo)! Yay!!!