These photos were taken today at the Paws for a Cause event by 97.3 the Eagle. Thought I would share them on Tumblr for you guys to see! Sam and Bae are in the top picture, and Maverick and Briar are in the bottom picture!

Bae is starting to cock his leg!

I know this is a silly thing to blog about. Ali totally laughed at me when I said I was going to blog about this! But yesterday Bae cocked his leg up on a bush for the very first time! I got all excited because Helo never learned to cock his leg up. Because Bae isn’t neutered yet, I think his hormones are kicking in. He’s starting to notice the ladies and is really digging his nose into places it doesn’t belong. He’ll be getting neutered in just a few more months!

We had fun yesterday!

Just finished uploading all of the pictures from yesterday’s adventures. I didn’t get any pictures at the pet expo, but we had fun walking around. I even bribed Ali to try the agility demo with Briar, and Briar LOVED it! After the expo we went to Abbey Road for lunch where the puppies got to hang out with us on the patio. Then we went for a brief walk on the beach before heading over to Mt. Trashmore. It ended up raining while we were on the beach, but thankfully it cleared up by the time we reached Mt. Trashmore. We got to climb the hill and let the puppies play for awhile before heading back to our side of the peninsula.

I love this crazy, high strung, bouncy boy so freaking much. He is such a great dog. I may have gotten him on impulse a lot sooner than I was expecting to get a cattle dog, but I’m glad I chose him because he really is my dream dog.

Wrestling on Mt. Trashmore. They had so much fun and kept trying to do zoomies!

These guys are so silly! <3

Bae at Mt. Trashmore.

Briar at Mt. Trashmore.